Biography of Vladislav Zolotaryov

What life has passed the artist, music of whom Sofia Gubaidulina, a world renowned composer, calls "piercing musical gesture" which remains for ever in a life"? What person stands up for this so emotionally charged and deep music which is the beginning of avant guarde in the bayan repertoir?

His life began in the heat of World War II, when an officer, Andrey Zolotaryov, and his wife Agrafena, had a son whom they named Vladislav. Year of his birth precisely is not established. There are sources which specify 1942, others name 1943 as the year. And the composer proceeds in diaries both from one, and from the other year. The date of his birth, the 13th of September, has coincided with the birthday of A.Schoenberg, which would have a great importance for Vladislav later on in his life.

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Internet Museum - Archive
of Vladislav Zolotaryov

   13th of May, 2005 outlined the 30th anniversary since Vladislav Zolotaryov is no longer with us. Memory of this man lives in all of our hearts, and the realization of this loss becomes more bitter and tragic. To this day, there are a number of interesting publications and stories of colleagues, teachers, and friends about the life and talented work of this composer.

   Having a great urge to add new information, we came to the parents of Vladislav, asking to share any documents that were in their archives. Andrei Antonovich and Agrafena Grigor'evna Zolotaryov happily answered our calls, and gave us so much material, that we had an idea to create a museum-archive of Vladislav Zolotaryov.


Archive Published

In 2005-2012, the full archives of Vladislav Zolotaryov were published in New York. The archives contain diaries, paintings, notes, photographs, letters, drawings, and other materials of the composer.

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